Processing Technology Characteristics Of Deep Hole Parts
Jan 16, 2019

Compared with general parts processing, deep hole parts processing has the following technological characteristics:

1. The quality requirements of deep hole parts are high. The dimension accuracy is in the range of IT6-IT12 and the surface roughness Ra is in the range of 25-0.2 micron.

2. The processing of the inner surface of deep hole parts is carried out in semi-closed state. The operator can not directly observe the cutting condition of the tool. In addition, the chip space is small, the cutting heat is not easy to spread, and the chip removal and cooling and lubrication are difficult.

3. The rigidity of the process system is weak. Processing stability is low, easy to produce vibration and deformation, hole processing accuracy and surface roughness is not easy to guarantee.

4. The cutting distance is long, the chip discharge is difficult, the cutting edge load is uneven, the cutting temperature is high, and the cutting tool is easy to wear, crack and collapse.


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