Reasons For Vibration Of Machine Spindle
Nov 27, 2018

In most CNC machine tools, because the spindle transmission system still uses a number of transmission shafts, gears and bearings, it is inevitable to produce vibration noise, friction noise and impact noise in the work. The speed change of the main drive system of NC machine tool is controlled by computer under the condition that the machine tool does not stop working, so it is more continuous and representative than the noise produced by ordinary machine tool. When a mechanical system is subjected to any external exciting force, the system will vibrate because of its response to the exciting force. The vibration energy is transmitted throughout the system. When it reaches the radiation surface, the energy is converted into a pressure wave, which is then transmitted through the air, that is, acoustic radiation. Therefore, the three steps of excitation response, internal transmission and sound radiation are the formation process of vibration noise, friction noise and impact noise. Next, let's let the relevant personnel of the deep hole drilling machine manufacturers explain it to us concretely.

1. The main transmission system of NC machine tools mainly relies on gears to complete speed change and transmission. Therefore, the meshing transmission of gears is one of the main noise sources.

2. Assembly, preload, concentricity, lubrication conditions, load and radial clearance of bearings and journals and supporting holes have great influence on noise. Moreover, the manufacturing deviation of the bearing itself largely determines the noise of the bearing.

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