Related Technical Standard Requirements For Deep Hole Drilling And Boring Machine
May 25, 2018

Related technical standard requirements for deep hole drilling and boring machine

The deep hole boring and boring machine is a kind of mechanical equipment. In order to better meet the engineering needs, the equipment is strictly in accordance with the standard requirements in design and manufacture. What are the specific technical requirements?


In general, we have higher requirements for the precision of the deep hole drilling and boring machine, mainly in four aspects: 1. surface roughness, the surface roughness value usually should be R Alfa 1.6~0.4 micron. 2. shape accuracy, cylindrical hole shape accuracy, should generally be controlled in diameter tolerance, high precision hole, shape accuracy should be controlled in diameter tolerance of 1/2~1/3. 3. dimension precision, the main hole or bearing hole size tolerance of deep hole boring machine, generally should be controlled in IT7~IT8, the main requirement of the hole is machine spindle box control in IT6, other needs low hole, size tolerance control general IT11. 4. position precision, circumferential error (including alignment error between coaxial holes), generally controlled in + / - 0.025 --0.025 mm; vertical error: 0.01~0.05 / h 200; parallelism error, general control in 0.03~0.10 mm.

Through the above narration, we have a preliminary understanding of the technical requirements for the accuracy of deep hole boring and boring machines. If you want to know more information, please pay attention to the next explanation.

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