Selection Of Gun Drilling Machine Cutting Volume
Nov 09, 2018

Selection of Gun drilling machine cutting volume

The selection of cutting volume is related to the cutting process and the chip stroke, as well as the material, accuracy requirements and machine tool characteristics of the machined parts. 


  1. Cutting speed is mainly determined by tool material, which is limited by bit durability and machine speed. At present, the cutting speed of high-speed steel gun drill is generally 35-70m/min;

  2. The feed rate is mainly limited by the stiffness and strength of the process system (cutter, workpiece, machine tool, etc.).

    In addition, it is also affected by the surface quality, chip removal effect and the nature of cutting fluid. At present, the high speed steel gun drill often takes F as 0.01-0.032mm/r, and the bigger diameter takes the upper limit. Reference for cutting parameters of gun drill is as follows:


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