Solutions Of Deep Hole Drilling Machine Cutting Tool Surface Roughness Problem
May 17, 2018

Solutions of deep hole drilling machine cutting tool surface roughness problem

Nowdays, more and more people are familiar with the use of deep hole cutting tools . We don't know how much understanding of the surface roughness of the users with deep hole tools. Let's take a look at it in detail:


The first step for deep hole cutting tools is to increase cutting speed. The higher the general speed, the smaller the surface roughness is, the higher the surface roughness grade. This is mainly related to the tool material.

The second is to use a trimming blade. Turning, milling, and drilling are all useful for cutting edge. This is related to the main deflection angle, the secondary deflection angle and the transition blade in the angle of the deep hole tool. The trimming blade is a small transition angle with a main deflection angle equal to or near zero, and other angles have little influence on the machined surface roughness. Unless your workpiece has chip, scale and so on, this is a good way to solve the surface roughness of deep hole tools.

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