Solutions To Common Faults Of Deep Hole Drilling Machine
Dec 24, 2018

Solutions to Common Faults of Deep Hole drilling Machine

1. When the drilling operation of the deep hole drilling machine is out of balance or a defect occurs, press the “Quick Reset” button to make the drilling break and quickly reset. Then the drill bit exits the borehole.

2. Only when the deep hole drilling machine is in a dangerous situation, the drilling can be stopped by pressing the “urgent interrupt” button. Press the "urgent interrupt" button, the drill bit may be stuck or cracked.

3. When performing normal maintenance of the machine tool, for example: changing the drill bit, changing the belt, replacing the gear, and tidying the deep hole drilling machine, etc., to ensure that the machine power switch is blocked, and the main switch is placed in the “0” position.

4. Repair and replacement of parts of the electrical system shall be carried out by skilled and approved personnel.

5. For the preliminary work of the deep hole drilling machine and the operation of the work, it is necessary to operate according to the operation of the deep hole drilling machine manual.


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