Structure Detail Of CNC Deep Hole Drilling And Boring Machine Bed
Dec 17, 2018

The bed of CNC deep hole drilling and boring machine consists of headstock, oil pressure head, carriage, carriage infeed system, center frame, bracket , boring bar support, boring  box, cooling system, electrical system, hydraulic system, chip removal device, etc. Machine tool bed,carriage, box body, oil pressure head  body, bracket body and other parts are modeled with high strength cast iron and resin sand to ensure that the machine tool has good rigidity, high strength and good accuracy. The bed is quenched by medium frequency quenching with a depth of 3-5 mm and HRC 48-52, which has a higher wear resistance.

The oil is supplied by the oil pressure head . The oil pressure head has high concentricity with the spindle of the machine tool, and it is convenient to replace the guide sleeve. The boring mode is push boring, and the chip removal mode is front chip removal. When the workpiece rotates, the chamfer of the outer circle at both ends of the workpiece is greater than 5 *30 degrees, which is used for clamping and positioning of the workpiece. Boring rod rotates and is driven by trailer to realize longitudinal feed.

The bed of deep-hole drilling and boring machine is composed of multi-section beds. The bed body is a three-sided closed structure with oblique stiffeners and has good rigidity. The bed guide rail has rectangular shape, high bearing capacity and good guiding precision. The guide rail has been quenched and has high wear resistance. The feed screw is installed in the groove of the bed guide rail. The screw is composed of many segments. The two ends are supported by a support frame, and the middle is supported by two tow frames. The tow frame can move along the guide rail at the bottom of the groove. The traveling and staying time are controlled by the pulling plate and roller on the tow plate part.


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