The Composition Of The Gun Drill Machine
May 31, 2018

The composition of the gun drill machine

Gun drill is a very important department in deep hole drilling machine. How much do you know about gun drill? Let's take a look at it briefly.

1. bit: deep hole drilling machine manufacturer tells us that gun drill is generally made of cemented carbide material.


2. drill rod: made of special special-purpose high quality steel pipe;

3. drill stem: made of high quality medium carbon steel.

The written name of the gun drill is a single edged chip deep hole drill. The gun drill is usually used as a gun drill because it was used earlier. The drill is composed of a drill with a V cutting edge and one (or two) cutting fluid, a crescent drill pipe and a drill stem used for holding. It is mainly suitable for deep hole machining with a hole depth to hole diameter ratio greater than 100 times, especially for deep hole machining of diameter 2~ 6mm.

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