The Main Application Of Deep Hole Honing Machine
Jul 11, 2018

The main application of deep hole honing machine

This company specializes in high quality deep hole honing machine tools for cylindrical deep hole workpiece honing and polishing processing, for example, various hydraulic cylinder, cylinder and other precision pipes. It is especially suitable for honing and polishing workpiece with step holes. The honing machine of the deep hole adopts local honing to correct the taper, ellipticity and local aperture error of the machined parts. For some cold drawn steel pipes, direct honing is possible. Mill is an ideal equipment with high accuracy and high efficiency.


The deep hole honing machine tool is a special machine tool for machining cylindrical deep hole parts. It is used in the structure of the workpiece fixed, the honing head rotating and reciprocating. It is especially used in the processing of non rotary workpiece, such as the square workpiece, the outer surface of the welding shaft, the flange plate and so on. The rotary honing head is rotated by AC variable frequency stepless speed regulation. Reciprocating motion adopts hydraulic stepless speed regulation, and the motion is stable. The use of chain to lock the workpiece is simple and reliable.

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