The Unique Structure And Performance Of Deep Hole Boring And Boring Machine.
Jun 05, 2018

The unique structure and performance of deep hole boring and boring machine.

We all know that the existence of every product has its own characteristics, and the deep hole boring machine is no exception. The deep hole boring and boring machine belongs to the machine tool, it can be seen in many kinds of processing engineering. Do you know what is unique about its structure and performance?


The deep hole boring and boring machine is made of high quality cast iron and has strong rigidity. The guide rail has high wear resistance and good accuracy maintenance after quenching. All work shows that the workpiece is secure and fast and stable. The machine tool is a deep hole processing equipment mainly processing cylindrical workpiece, cutting tool and knife rod to do feed movement. It can be drilling, and can also be boring and rolling on the machine tool. At the same time, the hole can be processed and the stair hole and blind hole can be processed. The tool feed is driven by servo system to achieve stepless speed regulation. The main shaft adopts multistage gear speed change, oil feeder fastening and hydraulic clamping device for workpiece clamping, and has a separate hydraulic pumping station control.

Deep hole drilling and boring machine is precisely because of the many excellent characteristics, making it stand out in many products. More product messages will continue to be sorted out for you. Please look forward to it.

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