Tips For Preventing Rust In Deep Hole Drill
Jan 29, 2019

In daily life, no matter what equipment is used, some problems will arise over a long period of time. Especially the metal material equipment, after wind and rain, often rust on the surface. Deep hole drills are no exception. They will rust if they are used for a long time. So, what preventive measures can avoid rusting? Here are some tips to prevent deep hole drills from rusting.

1. Usually, when antirust oil and antirust grease are used for antirust treatment, the oil film should be smeared uniformly and continuously, and there should be no uneven layers and no leakage or bubbles.

2. For rust-prone parts, it is necessary to clean them carefully with clean water. If no visible rust, stolen goods or oil stains are found after inspection, rust-proof measures should be taken immediately.

3. As long as the parts in the warehouse are cleaned, you must prevent the deep hole drill from rusting. If the parts have been rusted, they can not be put into the warehouse, nor can they be assembled, so as to avoid the joint effect and cause other parts to rust.

4. In the whole production process, cutting oil and cutting fluid that meet the standard should be selected to prevent rust; moreover, when finishing, it needs to be carefully cleaned and rust-proof.

5. For the parts of deep hole drill after quenching in salt furnace, it is necessary to clean up all residual salt in time.

It is believed that staff members can effectively prevent deep hole drilling from rusting as long as they have achieved the above five points.


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