Troubleshooting Of Deep Hole Machine Tools
Jan 28, 2019

Drill pipe blockage in deep hole machine tool drilling

Reasons and coping methods:

1. When the iron chips are long chips, it is not suitable to discharge them: adjust the cutting parameters to make the iron chips form C-shaped chips.

2. Defects in the structure of the chip removal groove of the drill bit body result in poor removal of iron chips or chip hanging methods: trimming the chip removal groove of the cutter body to make the iron chips flow smoothly.

3. The inner wall of drill pipe is not smooth or has step method: trimming the inner hole of drill pipe

4. Insufficient Cooling Pressure: Improving Cooling Pressure

No movement of machine tool feed

Reasons and coping methods:

1. Problems occur in the transmission chain; check whether the transmission keys and gears are in place and whether the bolts are reliable.

2. Wear of screw and nut; if the screw rotates without action, it indicates that the nut is worn and needs to be replaced in time.

Overheating of machine tool cooling system:

Reasons and coping methods:

1. Insufficiency of oil; Installation of cooling oil

2. Filtration screen blockage, resulting in motor overload; Replacement or cleaning of filter screen

3. Damage of pumps or hydraulic valves, resulting in motor overload; replacement or maintenance of pumps or hydraulic valves

4. There is a heat source near the oil tank or machine tool; take heat insulation measures

5. The effect of the above measures is still not obvious.

Surface roughness difference in drilling

Reasons and coping methods:

1. The material of the workpiece is soft and uneven. The performance of the workpiece material can be improved by increasing heat treatment.

2. The cutting parameters are unreasonable; Choosing reasonable cutting parameters, such as speed, feed, etc.

3. improper choice of tool or blade; reasonable choice of cutting tool and blade according to material

4. Wear of bit guide keys; Replace guide keys and ensure accuracy

5. Vibration in the process of processing; Check the size of each package, adjust the locking sleeve, adjust the cutting parameters to eliminate vibration.

Center deviation during drilling

Reasons and coping methods:

1. Workpiece rotation is unstable or eccentric. Reduce the rotational speed of the workpiece or adopt balancing measures

2. The workpiece is not concentric with the guide sleeve. Check and adjust the precision of guide sleeve

3. Excessive clearance of guide sleeve; Replacement of guide sleeve and assurance of accuracy

4. The drilling depth is relatively large; the strength of drill pipe should be increased, and the two-way rotation should be adopted to reduce deviation.


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