Twin Hole Barrel BTA Deep Hole Drilling Machine
Mar 21, 2018

Machine Operation: Two axis CNC Deep hole drilling and boring by BTA method and push boring method.

Component Details:  Twin hole barrel1.4140,1.8550,1.2379full 1.4140, very 1.4140


Machine Specifications:


Solid drilling diameter range


Counter/pushing Boring diameter range


Max. Hole drilling depth


Max. Length of Workpiece


Machine total power


Hole length-diameter ratio


CNC control system



Machine structure:


Machine bed base


Machine bed base

HT300 iron, resin sand precision casting.

Twice timing treatment, high rigidity and stability.

X-axis, Z-axis guide rails

Double rectangular sliding rails, precision grinding treatment, aging treatment, quenching treatment.

X axis is equips with two pieces pin roller heavy load linear guide, used to supporting  the worktable.

T-slot worktable(X axis)

The horizontal travel is 400mm;

driven by servo motor, servo reducer and ball screw; 

Worktable dimension:4000X600mm; 

worktable loading capacity : 6tons.

The worktable bed body and the tool bed body adopt divided structures, which are assembled together with high strength bolts and are positioned by the cone pin.

Drill bar rest

3 groups,


1.Supporting the drill bar,

2.Ensure drilling accuracy,

3.Reducing the drill bar vibration.

Oil pressure head

Using for the cutting tool guiding, oil supplying, supporting. using ordinary motor to drive its axial movement;

The oil pressure head spindle can be pushed out and retracted under the control of the hydraulic system;

the oil pressure head can be automatically locked on the machine bed by the hydraulic press board.

Workpice clamping

with 2 sets V type block to clamp the workpiece.


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