What's The Factor Affecting Machining Quality Of Deep Hole Drilling Machine?
May 29, 2018

What's the factor affecting machining quality of deep hole drilling machine?

For a deep hole drilling machine, when its cutting speed reaches a certain value, it will have a bad effect on the quality of the machining. So how should we deal with this problem?

First, the phenomenon is analyzed. When the cutting speed of a deep hole drilling machine reaches a certain value, the dynamic instability often occurs because of the special slender structure of the tool. At the same time, the vibration marks not only affect the quality of deep hole processing, but also affect the service life of deep hole drilling machines. The above problems can be solved and we can not completely avoid it, but we can alleviate the problem of increasing production capacity by using the piezoelectric shank system to alleviate the torsional vibration. This greatly reduces the probability of the quality of the deep hole drilling machine.


The deep hole drilling machine is used for processing deep holes, such as gun barrel, barrel and spindle of machine tool, whose aperture ratio (D/L) is more than 1:6. A deep hole drill similar to a horizontal lathe is used to rotate the workpiece (or rotate the workpiece and tool simultaneously). The machined workpiece is tightened by the cone top disk of the spindle box and the chip collector. The drill is driven by the drill rod box to drive the cutting movement. The servo motor drives the ball screw to drive the drill rod to realize the feed movement. The oil distributor injections the high pressure cooling oil from the tail of the bit, and directly reach the cutting part of the workpiece from the inner hole of the drill. The coolant flows to the chip collector along the chip guide groove of the drill bit and enters the chip collecting bucket. The coolant passes through the filter paper and magnetic filtration and then returns to the oil tank for further use.

The process of chip removal is the top tightening part of the guide sleeve in the drill hole, which not only plays the guiding role, but also prevents the leakage of the high pressure coolant. The high pressure coolant enters the inner hole of the special drill and reaches the cutting edge directly.

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