What Should Be Considered When Choosing A Deep Hole Boring Machine Cutting Tool
May 28, 2018

What should be considered when choosing a deep hole boring machine  cutting tool

Does the deep hole boring machine should choose the drill bit  of the multi axis drilling machine. It is really a headache, but our company is specialized in the production of deep hole boring machine, so the special understanding of this area followed by our company to look at the following:


First, the choice of brand package: at present, there are many manufacturers of deep hole boring machines.

Second , pay attention to the material of deep hole boring machine bit: the drill bit of printed board usually accepts hard alloy, because the wear of the epoxy glass sheet copper foil plate is very fast.

Third. The type and unique location of drill bits: drill bit for printed circuit board has straight handle twist drill, fixed bit twist drill and drill bit fixed shovel.

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