Which Machines Are Included In The Deep Hole Machinery
Jun 06, 2018

Which machines are included in the deep hole machinery

Deep hole machinery includes: deep hole drilling and boring machine, deep hole gun drill, deep hole honing machine and its deep hole cutting tools. Deep hole boring machine is also divided into horizontal deep hole drilling and boring machine, vertical deep hole drilling and boring machine, three axis drilling and boring machine.


Deep hole processing is difficult and heavy workload. It has become a key process in machining. With the progress of science and technology, product update and replacement are very frequent, new types of difficult, high strength and hard to process parts appear continuously. No matter the quality of the deep hole processing, the efficiency of the deep hole processing have higher requirements, and the deep hole machinery also has a higher demand. The deep hole machinery is mainly used in the petroleum. Equipment manufacturing in different industries, such as coal mining, production of water fire generator, shipbuilding, aerospace, metallurgy, chemical industry, textile, wood processing machinery, feed machinery and other industries. Deep hole cutter

BTA deep hole drill is a typical structure of deep hole drill with inner chip. It is improved on the basis of deep hole drilling in a single blade. The cutting edge is double sided, the chip is cut from two sides, and the cutting holes are entered outside the drill pipe through the double-sided cuttings hole. The BTA deep hole drilling has uniform cutting force, good chip breaking and chip breaking performance, reliable drilling and straight hole drilling.

The BTA deep hole drill has the following structural features:

The knife body is distributed with an external blade blade, a middle edge blade, an inner blade blade, a guide block and a double-sided chip hole, and is connected to the hollow drill rod through a shallow tooth with a rectangular thread on the shallow tooth.

The core part is replaced by the blade of the twist drill by the inner blade, thus overcoming the shortcoming of the long cross blade and the larger axial resistance of the twist drill. As the core has a distance relative to the core line of the drill hole, the blade is lower than the center of the core at the core of the drill. Therefore, a guiding core column (see Figure 1) will be formed to make the bit better. It is not easy to deflect when drilling, and the guide core will break itself and grow along with chip when it grows to a certain length.

The main blade of the main blade is asymmetrical section and interlaced arrangement, which can ensure the reliability of the chip, and avoid the condition that the crackle can be easily produced when the whole hard alloy blade is grind the slots and the slots.

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