Which Products Are Suitable For The Deep Hole Drilling Machine
May 30, 2018

Which products are suitable for the deep hole drilling machine

Deep hole drilling machine is a kind of special deep hole drilling machine with high efficiency, high precision and high automation. It adopts external chip drilling method. Through a continuous drilling, it can replace the machining precision and surface roughness which can be achieved by the general drilling, expansion and hinges. The deep hole drilling machine controlled by our factory is controlled by digital control system, not only has single action function, but also has the function of automatic circulation. Therefore, the deep hole drilling machine can be suitable for small batch processing, especially suitable for mass production processing requirements. It can not only drill through holes, but also process blind holes or stepped holes.


The deep hole drilling machine produced by our factory is widely used in the processing of small deep holes in automobile and motorcycle industry, mold industry, military industry, aerospace industry and other parts. It is also used for oil tanks, seamless steel tubes, moulds and so on. Deep hole drilling machine is a special equipment for machining cylindrical deep holes, such as the spindle hole of the machine tool, various hydraulic cylinders, cylinders, cylindrical holes, blind holes and staircase holes.

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