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Quality Control:

   In order to gurantee the consistant good quality of our deep hole drilling machine,gun drilling machine and deep hole honing machines. we have very strictly quality control process.

    We have very seriously quality control system,our inspectors are very professional,they knows machine well and know the process well. 

And they are responsible for the whole machine quality. Every step,from parts purchasement,parts machining,parts assembling,they involve all the process and will be responsible for the finished machine’s quality. Before ship the machine,they will check all the bolts,screws,paintings,cables,electric parts,make sure everything is perfect

Strictly quality control for deep hole machines:

 ØMachine bed,cast parts are aged by ageing device,the cast parts are quenched,being heat treatment and precise ground.Before assemble the machine,we have hardness Test by hardness meter.

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ØMachining/purchasing parts strictly according to drawings


ØAssemble the machine strictly according to the technical accuracy


ØFaulty machining parts,purchasing parts, cast parts regard as rubbish


ØInspect the machine geomatric accuracy,machine running with three workpieces


ØCustomer come to inspect the machine finally before shipment.



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